Using New Styles From Pa4x Next on Pa700 / Pa1000

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Using New Styles From Pa4x Next on Pa700 / Pa1000

Postby NativeAngels » 11 Mar 2019 11:46

If your a Korg Pa700 / Pa1000 owner and can't wait for the next update or feel your missing out, there is some good news.

The nice people at Korg have included 28 new styles within the update file for the Korg Pa4x.

If you go to the link below and unzip the file you will notice a folder called Resources inside that is a style folder with the following styles.


Venus Pop
Wake Me Pop
Crazy Little Pop
We Are Champ
Croco Rock
6/8 Pop Rock
Hip Rock’n Roll
Lovely Pop
Ride Wind Pop
Because Nite Pop
Soul Family Pop
Meneater Pop
Eve In Sky Pop
Groove Ballad
Steel Ballad
Latin Pop Bolero
ActionMovie 12/8
Action Movie 4/4
Wizard Movie 3/4
KidsMovie Ballad
Abstract Orch.FS
80’s Synth FS
BroadwayMovie FS
Angel Voice FS
Western Movie FS
Chillout FS
Blues Shuffle
Slow Blues
Image .. Image
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