Removing UVN voices from Tyros

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Removing UVN voices from Tyros

Postby dentyr » 15 Jun 2020 07:43

To remove custom voices from Tyros.

It is VERY important to do this in the correct order or things will really stuff up.

You have installed a UVN voice file onto your Tyros and now you want to remove it.

1. With the keyboard on, press “Voice Creator”
2. Press “Expansion Module”
3. At the top right press “Category”
4. Tab down until you get “No Category” VERY important.
5. Now tab down until you see the wave files of your UVN Voice
6. Press “Delete”.
7. Keep pressing down highlighting all the wave of that voice.
8. Press “OK” when ALL the wave files have been highlighted.
9. Wait for the waves to go.
10. Exit out to Main Screen
11. Press “Voice Creator”
12. Library Edit
13. Find and highlight the voice
14. Delete.

Please don’t skip a step, ensure that you do this in the correct order. If things go wrong I have no idea of how you may correct your error.

Regards, Den.
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