Do you have a favourite Voice Registration Setup?

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Do you have a favourite Voice Registration Setup?

Postby Hugh-AR » 29 Jul 2019 16:11

When I am going to play something I spend some time choosing sounds (Voices) that I think will suit the tune I want to play. And there are certain ones that are my favourites, so I will set the Registration Memories of the organ up with some of these to use as my starting point .. rather than start with a Style and then check out some voices to go with it. To me, it's the voices that are the more important, as the backing STYLE can be changed on the set of voices I am using. And by choosing the Style I want from the STYLE section it will keep the TEMPO I am playing the piece at. So if it's 80bpm (beats per minute) any Style I choose will be set to the same speed. I have another section on the AR called the REGISTRATION MENU and if I choose something from there it will set the whole organ up with a Style, Voices, and a Tempo (recommended Tempo) ie. it changes the TEMPO. So I rarely go down that route unless I am looking for something as a 'starter'.

Now I have noticed that a couple of Members have a set of voices that they use regularly, and change the Rhythm/Style to suit the song they are playing. JonD does this, and the voices he uses really suit the type of music he plays. I just love listening to any piece he plays using these voices. He has passed this registration on to JohnT who has also used it for some of his pieces. I have already mentioned elsewhere about the Vibraphone (?) and the REVERB that's on it. Here is a track put up recently by JonD that has a lot of these voices in it.

Click the LINK below to listen, and then press the 'back-button' to get back to this page.
JonD playing Save The Last Dance For Me using some of his favourite Voices

Mind you, it's not just the Registration that makes the music sound good. It's the way it's played too!

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Re: Do you have a favourite Voice Registration Setup?

Postby dentyr » 15 Aug 2019 09:58

Hello, I try and set the voices as per the melody I play. I have the Alpen pack so when I play Austrian music I use the zither and other voices to go with it. Jazzy things get sax's and trumpets. I like the Jazz Vibes for "sleepy time" songs. I also have the Fairground pack for continental sounds.

Snow Waltz
Dutch Orgel voices
I'm in the mood for love

Try them you may like them. :) But I am on the other side of the planet so I feel safe! :D
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