Have Your Registrations Evolved ?

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Have Your Registrations Evolved ?

Postby NativeAngels » 26 May 2019 10:20

Over the course of time have the registrations you create for your songs evolved in the way they sound as you learn more effects etc.
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Re: Have Your Registrations Evolved ?

Postby kens » 27 May 2019 08:48

I realise the chosing/creating of voices is of importance. I spend a lot of time sorting that out for each recording. When doing a straight playing session, rather than recording, I tend to ignore voicing and concentrate on hitting the right keys. I also follow the advice of an old pro and use the written score as a guide and play each piece several times. Each time I try to add extras to create a more interesting finish.
When recording I get the notes correct then fiddle the voicing to suit.
regards Ken S
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Re: Have Your Registrations Evolved ?

Postby Hugh-AR » 30 May 2019 14:51

When I first had my Yamaha AR 80 organ it was a case of switching it on and playing it. I had no idea of the technical things it could do. In fact, I hadn't even realised I could 'record' to floppy disk. I thought the floppy disk was to store Registrations that you liked.

So the earlier recordings I made were very basic and a bit 'harsh' sounding. And when using STYLES I was inclined to have all the PARTS selected from beginning to end. This made a song sound very 'busy'.

But the thing about these floppy disk recordings is that each song is made up of two files, one ending in .evt and the other ending in .b00. The .evt file is the 'live' recording of what I am doing, which includes all the notes I am playing, what I am doing with the Expression Pedal, and which Registration Memory Buttons I press. This is the 'event' file. It records what I am doing as I go along. The .b00 file stores what is in each Registration Memory. This means that I can actually change what is in a Registration Memory, store the changed Registration back into that Registration Memory .. and then SAVE all these changes back to the .b00 file on the disk. Then the next time I play the piece from the disk it will play with the changed Registrations.

I'm sure you can see where this is leading. It means that I can alter and improve the sound I am listening to without actually having to play the piece again. So yes, my Registrations 'evolve' as I think of ways to improve the sound. And these Registrations 'replace' what I was using before in the context of making a new MP3 recording to replace the old one. If I give the recording the same name as before and upload it to Box, Box will just update the original MP3 with the new one. So some of my 'performances' in the Forum may be different to what you heard before. The Box LINK remains the same, but the overall sound will be different if I have made a new recording to replace the old one. Please note that all of the above concerns AUDIO. It is not MIDI.

I had a friend who played 'Theatre Organ' style and it was too difficult for him to press Registration Memory Buttons while he was playing. So he recorded the whole piece with just the one sound (Reginald Dixon), and we chose some suitable Registrations for him to use when playing the piece back and making an MP3 recording.

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