The Mandolin

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The Mandolin

Postby Hugh-AR » 09 Sep 2018 22:14

DonW has played an 'Own Composition' piece on his AR organ featuring a 'Mandolin'.

Do a right-click to open the LINK below in a New Tab

I have often wondered how the 'repeat' is done on a real Mandolin (it's easy enough on a Keyboard as when choosing a Mandolin it will automatically 'repeat') .. so I asked the question. Don's answer was:
Hi Hugh.
A mandolin has eight strings two for each tuned note.
The repeat sound is done by alternating the plucking of each string.
I hope this makes a bit of sense.
Regards, Don

That thought had not occurred to me.

Using the 'pick' to do the 'repeat'.

You learn something new every day! Next time I choose a 'Mandolin' voice to play something I will certainly appreciate the complexity of playing this instrument.

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