Roland AT 80 SL expression pedal fault

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Roland AT 80 SL expression pedal fault

Postby ken horton » 30 Apr 2018 10:37

Hi all you technical wizards.......... My recently acquired Roland AT80 has I think a volume fault, occasionally it will suddenly increase volume and die off just as quickly, it happens so quickly I never know if I was moving the pedal at the time. I had noticed when it arrived that you had to hold the pedal well down even with the main slider volume over 3/4 way along to max compared with other organs but did not think at the time it was unusual.
But it finally dawned on me that there may be a fault so to check I moved the main volume slider to zero, held the pedal fully down and while pressing a key moved the slider slowly to increase, no sound came out until about the 3/4 travel or a little more and I don't think this is the way it should be.

The dealer ( 300 miles away ) will be arranging a more local engineer in due course but this could take weeks or even months and I did read in a forum that this problem has been cured by using a contact cleaner but the writer did not go into great detail, he did mention that he fitted a new "carbon strip" from where or type was not mentioned or how you get at the unit . Does anyone please know can this be accessed from the front of the organ ?
Looking at the unit sitting snugly in it's hole it looks like a standard pedal volume control surrounded by a trim held by screws, so perhaps it could be a very simple removal but I am always suspicious of screws surrounding a panel which often fall down inside the main body never to be seen again ! I would be very grateful for any tips from members who have trod this path before. Regards Ken
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