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Please how do you midi a device to a Roland AT 80 SL ?

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2018 19:02
by ken horton
I recently changed from an Orla GT9000 to the Roland AT80 SL, quite a culture shock ! much more going on and masses of information in a very good manual but not enough info on midi set ups for me. I have used a Technics KN700 keyboard for some years because of it's SD memory cards which give me a huge library of styles. These were necessary in my view to supplement the very basic rhythms on some of my earlier organs.
So I thought this would be a breeze, I would have the best of both worlds but not yet I am afraid. . Connected exactly as with previous organs and checking the midi settings in the Roland manual all seems in order but pressing a chord on the lower manual of the organ should be duplicated on the keyboard and the accompaniment should change with the chord change as usual.
But the keyboard is not responding so obviously it is not receiving any signals
I posted this in the hope that someone is using a Roland AT 80 or similar with a midi device and would be prepared to pass on their settings, any tips gratefully received.

I have connected exactly as my previous organs and checked the Roland manual's settings and can find no error but I must be doing something wrong.

The unhelpful statement I received from Roland support was that Roland themselves do not involve themselves with owners of their discontinued products !

Re: Please how do you midi a device to a Roland AT 80 SL ?

PostPosted: 04 Apr 2018 07:18
by Brian007
Hi Ken,

Midi in my book is a nightmare to set up and I have always had unpredictable results , no expert but it may have something to do with chord recognition and which channel it transmits and receives on, sorry I cant offer more help, google may be your best bet if you haven't already tried it

Good Luck,


Re: Please how do you midi a device to a Roland AT 80 SL ?

PostPosted: 04 Apr 2018 10:29
by ken horton
Thanks Brian, yes I have been down that road as far as possible, it really needs someone who is, has or is using this set up. I have checked the channel transmit etc and all seems in order but the Roland manual is sadly lacking in real information on the matter, but having said that I never found an organ maker that did make midi clear enough for a normal person to sort it ! Ken

Re: Please how do you midi a device to a Roland AT 80 SL ?

PostPosted: 05 Apr 2018 03:52
by ken horton
Problem was solved eventually in a unique way, while floundering around I accidentally stepped on an organ pedal and the Technics played an intro !
The the midi question is not really resolved but the default channel setting for the lower manual is set to 3 which it always has been with other organs ,the Roland pedal is set to channel 2 as default but it operates the Technics midi signals, so I re set the Lower to 2 and the pedal I assigned to 11 just to get it out of the way and as far as I can tell for my requirements as a rhythm unit only, the keyboard works fine, otherwise I use it as a stand alone unit so there are no issues this way.

It's only taken about two weeks to find this ! Many thanks to several members from other forums who also stepped in with advice all were appreciated and some valuable information has been brought out which may be of use to others in the future. Ken (H)