Lionstracs Virgin One Digital Organ

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Lionstracs Virgin One Digital Organ

Postby Mike Bracchi » 04 Jun 2012 10:10

Shame about the background noise .... :cry:

The brand-new organ technology Lionstracs with 64-bit LINUX system offers in addition to your current Toptechnik also by its unique design.

Fresh, young, dynamic, but the eye catcher in any Wohnzmmer. Exactly what we wanted to achieve with the "Virgin 1". There you are either with 13 keys with 25 keys full pedal or pedal.

Facilities: - 2 x 76 keys with velocity and aftertouch. - 25-key full pedal, pedals - 8.4 "Touch Screen -

Over 5000! Sounds with 50 gigabytes of sound material that will be played thanks to the unique GIGA SAMPLER directly in real time from the hard disk (disc streaming) -
This eliminates the loading or waiting times, but it can still use the highest-quality sounds without being played looping and compression. It all sounds to 8-times are distributed to the manuals, are layered together with optional setting split, and changed in real time with the 8 knobs in the volume. -

300 standard styles, 100 Styles with sound real audio tracks are the future of the arranger. This is also already integrated in the organ. - 2 player MIDI/MP3/WAV (Audio Files) with 2 players in real time transposable (/ -36 HT) and controlled the tempo with no noticeable stretch audible effect. -

800 One-Touch Registrations (Music Archive) For those who do not register themselves or have no time. A push of a button and start playing -

Dual-core computer with 4 GB (standard) 500GB hard drive 16GB RAM memory (Optional - extreme version), with a 6-core processor - 10 VST host for VST ...
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Postby VinceB » 04 Jun 2012 16:44

That background noise reminds me of the time when I was gigging in Working Mens Clubs. Provided they could hear themselves shouting over the top of you you were playing ok.

That organ certainly does sound good though doesnt it. I would like to hear it really put through its paces sometime./

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Re: Lionstracs Virgin One Digital Organ

Postby Craig » 15 Jul 2013 14:40

I came across Lionstracs about 8 years ago, actually purchased a Mediastation off them at the time and Dominic was selling organs like this too. They've come on quite a bit with their software updates and with computer components getting faster day by day, the specs are very impressive for their instruments. The only thing that let the Mediastation down was the terrible onboard styles, as they were worse at the time than what you would have heard in a budget Casio, although to give them credit, the styles were a bonus as the Mediastation was aimed at the pro gigging musician and for studio use.
The styles have improved slightly over the years, but for me personally it's the same with Wersi. The sounds and technology behind the instruments are well ahead of some other manufacturer's (being able to use VST and stream sampled voices from a hard drive is fantastic), but the onboard styles always seem to be a let down for those wanting to use them.
Not too bad a demo of the organ, main competition is from the likes of Wersi, Roland and Lowrey at that price. Good luck to them selling these, they'll need it :)
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