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PC Stand for Ringway Organ

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2019 11:43
by ChuckH
Hi Hugh,

You might be interested to see a PC stand I had delivered last night that I designed for the Ringway. As you can see in the two photos, it allows me to view a flat screen PC at the right height while seated at the organ. The screen is big enough to show 2 A4 pages of PDF sheet music side by side. To turn the page, I simply touch the screen on the right (or left) hand side. It had to have a bend in the arm to get over the raised lid of the organ. It comes in 2 parts: the lower part has a plate that the organ sits on holding it in place, and has a vertical length of box channel welded to it. The top section slides down into the lower box channel and bends across and forward of the raised organ lid then back down to a small horizontal platform on which the PC sits. The screen is height-adjustable at the back where the two sections join. I now have to concentrate on converting all my sheet music to PDFs (sigh!)

            Front of PC Stand

            Side on of PC Stand

Regards, Charles