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Midi and the Ringway

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2018 12:01
by ken horton
Ringway RS1000e Midi madness, the latest change and a word of caution

I love the Tower sound but unfortunately I do not have the skills at over 80 to extract the real sounds with my right hand and realize that the average home organ does not have any really good built in presets of the Tower sound ( as far as I am aware).

Some years ago I bought a Limex V5 module which had the Tower sound built in but I changed organs and sold the Limex V5 , now I recently bought a Ringway RS1000e, nice instrument, a different approach in navigation but a new organ is always a challenge, but I decided trying another Tower sound and I finished buying a T .T. T. V3 Triangle with the Sipario module.

And then the problems started, the bottom line is that the Ringway has it’s own ideas on what midi channels it uses and they do not co incide with the basic 1,2,3 settings used by most organ makers. T T T had advised buying an extra small processor to avoid known problems that occur with some organs which included earlier versions of Ringway, but additionally the pedal section did not work and no one knew what midi channel it was using ,but T T T were very good and after a couple of returns to re set the processor ( as I understand this works like a signal box and routes the signals to the correct midi channel for you, finally it all came together using 1, 5, & 8 !.

But you can’t change the Ringway’s channel settings they are fixed, and you can’t get any help from the UK distributers Orla and Ringway (Music Traders.) for information as the firm to the best of my knowledge has stopped trading, although there has been no official announcement as far as I know.
Also you can’t alter the midi channel setting in the T T T unit at home, they have to do this.
The other option is to change the receiving unit’s channels to suit if that is possible, so do check this out first before buying anything.. Ken

Re: Midi and the Ringway

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2018 15:01
by dragon
My Roland Bk-7m worked well with various organs over the years but on my Orla Modena only the styles worked. None of the voices. .. Fred