The Art Of Sight Reading ...

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The Art Of Sight Reading ...

Postby Mike Bracchi » 28 Jun 2012 18:05

There are many good reason for learning to 'sight read', the obvious one is that you will be able to learn music more quickly ... it will also help you to recognize pitch and rhythm patterns quickly.

Ultimately you will become musically independent and be able to explore a wide range of music.

A Few Tips Before You Start

    1. Set a steady tempo/beat/pulse (use a metronome if it helps )

    2. Always check the time signature.

    3. Try and think through the rhythm in your head.

    4. Watch out for any patterns; repeating rhythms, notes that move by step or leap.

    5. Try your best to observe any 'directions or dynamics' whilst playing.

    6. Try to read ahead a few bars as you are playing (this is good fun )

I hope these few little tips will help you to improve your sight reading
Mike Bracchi
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