GarageBand for Kids

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GarageBand for Kids

Postby Brian007 » 11 Dec 2018 08:24


These are supposed to be for kids, but they say your never to old to learn, and I was surprised just how informative they are, as I mostly use an arranger keyboard or play along to something that has drums and accompaniment already recorded so I do tend to take it for granted , but these videos help you learn more about accompaniment , and must admit that if this guy was my music teacher I may have learned more than I did from my music teacher.

Anyway hope you learn something or at least enjoy it, please feel free to add any comments about these video,

All the best, Brian007
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Re: GarageBand for Kids

Postby dragon » 11 Dec 2018 11:20

Thank you for the videos Brian. I found them totally fascinating. Made me late for my mid morning coffee. .. Fred
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