How To Figure Out Chords To Songs

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How To Figure Out Chords To Songs

Postby Hugh-AR » 07 Apr 2017 23:26

Although I would prefer to have some sheet music up in front of me and read the chords to a song off that, you will also be aware that I sometimes play pieces 'by ear'. So how do I do that? Well, partly by experience, but if the chords to a piece are fairly difficult for me to work out, I sometimes play the AR 'along with' the music I am listening to. First, I make sure I am playing in the same key as the piece I am listening to. Now I am not very good at playing things in keys other than C, F, G, Bb, (and maybe D and Eb). Luckily, I have a TRANSPOSE button on my organ, so I can play in a key I am happy with and 'transpose' up or down to match the piece I am listening to. Now even doing this may not end up quite 'in tune'. But luckily (again) on my AR I have a 'Pitch' control which will alter the pitch of the note I am playing in minute steps to correspond exactly with what I am listening to.

If I am listening to something on YouTube on my Mobile, I use earpieces to listen to it .. and then put the organ headphones over the top. By adjusting the volumes I can listen to something from YouTube and play the chords on the organ over the top. If I play a wrong chord, I go back and try another one.

Complicated? Well, not really as with practice it becomes second nature.

Now I have found a video on YouTube with this approach to working out the chords of a song. Not with earpieces and headphones, but using the basic art of just 'listening'. Note that her piano is perfectly in tune with the piece she is listening to right from the word go. And amazingly, the piece she is listening to starts with a C. How convenient!

Here is the video (below). See what you think.

How To Figure Out Chords To Songs by Aimee Nolte

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Re: How To Figure Out Chords To Songs

Postby papadeedee » 08 Apr 2017 14:04

Hi Hugh,
I am subscribed to Aimee Nolte's channel. She is very talented.
I have not listened to your posting but I have played it before.
She does have perfect pitch. For those who don't know what that is,
it is the ability to sing a note accurately without any reference point.
Relative pitch is the ability to sing any note after you have been given a reference note.
As you say Hugh, a lot of it is experience, there are many progressions which I can
recognise immediately.
Others. I find the bass note and see what chord fits.
Easy way, check the internet for the chords.
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