20 Minutes + of John Barry (featuring Alan Haven)

Here you will find a series of music videos capturing some of the finest organ music from the worlds greatest players, past and present. Each music video is (approx) 20 minutes in length.

20 Minutes + of John Barry (featuring Alan Haven)

Postby Mike Bracchi » 02 Jul 2018 19:11

The original sound track of the 1965 film The Knack featuring Alan Haven at the Lowrey organ with the John Barry Orchestra.

Turn the volume up and enjoy .....

The film .... Desperate to improve his luck with women, London schoolteacher Colin (Michael Crawford) enlists his artist roommate, Tom (Donal Donnelly), to help drag a brass bed back to their flat.

Along the way they meet Nancy (Rita Tushingham), a new girl in town, who follows them home.

There they encounter Tolen (Ray Brooks), the third roommate and a consummate lady-killer.

He tries to help Colin seduce Nancy, but ends up whisking her away on his motorcycle instead, and Colin is determined to get her back.

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Re: 20 Minutes + of John Barry (featuring Alan Haven)

Postby Hugh-AR » 02 Jul 2018 22:00


That's a great recording! Could listen to it for 20 mins!

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