20 Minutes of Andre Brasseur

Here you will find a series of music videos capturing some of the finest organ music from the worlds greatest players, past and present. Each music video is (approx) 20 minutes in length.

20 Minutes of Andre Brasseur

Postby Mike Bracchi » 01 Jan 2013 12:54

André Brasseur, (born 1939) is a Belgian keyboard player and organist. Brasseur has released many albums and singles in his own country, but internationally is best known for his double A sided single The Kid/Holiday, which was released on the CBS label in the UK. Though it never reached the UK charts, The Kid became popular in the famous Northern Soul venue The Twisted Wheel, based in Manchester, and DJ Noel Edmonds used Holiday as the theme tune to his Radio 1 programme in the 1970s. In the same period at Radio Veronica, a Dutch pirate radio, DJ Lex Harding used The Kid as the opening sequence to his daily afternoon broadcast programme.

Brasseur is also famous for his 1965 instrumental single 'Early Bird' (named after the satellite launched the same year), which sold over 6 million copies worldwide. His 1967 single Waiting For You was used as the signature tune to the 1970s Yorkshire Television series Indoor League. ..... Enjoy some of my favourites.

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Re: 20 Minutes of Andre Brasseur

Postby papadeedee » 17 Feb 2017 18:27

I did not like this at all, I watched some recent videos of him and the crowd were loving it.
Still doing much the same thing and it is definitely not for me.
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Re: 20 Minutes of Andre Brasseur

Postby Hugh-AR » 08 Mar 2017 14:29

The recordings are certainly very 'harsh'. The first track is recorded in 'so called' stereo ie. as it often was done in the 60s. Roughly 99% put directly to the left channel, and 99% to the right, so if you are wearing headphones you get no stereo experience. Your brain is trying to process one signal appearing exclusively to the left ear, and the other exclusively to the right. Doesn't make happy listening!

As far as I can tell, the remaining tracks are all in Mono (or rather, two track Mono as you are getting a signal to both left and right channels). This does not make happy listening either as these days we are expecting to hear music in 'proper stereo'.

I'm not keen on the type of music, either. As I have said elsewhere, life would be really boring if we were all the same!

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