What would you like in the Challenge Section

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What would you like in the Challenge Section

Postby Brian007 » 11 Sep 2015 13:34

Hi to everyone that`s interested in the challenge section

What kind of categories, genres type of music etc... would you like to see posted as a challenge in any future challenges ?

As members of this forum its up to you to give Keith and Myself as moderators of this section some Ideas as to what you would like
so that everyone gets what they want out of the challenge or you will have to put up with what we set as challenges ?

The current “Blues” Challenge posted by Kens will run until Sunday 20th September.

To prevent the overlap of Challenges please send any suggestions for future Challenges to Brian007 by PM (Personal Message). Brian007 or KRUG will then post the Challenges at approximately ten day intervals. We would ask that if you wish to suggest a Challenge that you have an entry ready so that there is something to get the ball rolling.

Brian007 :D
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