Get Your Hands On My Husband's Organ!

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Get Your Hands On My Husband's Organ!

Postby Mike Bracchi » 17 Nov 2012 12:23

I came across this earlier today, the title caught my interest (less of the smirks you lot :lol: ) and on further reading it occurred to me that it's a wonderful opportunity to avail yourself of a very rare Hammond M3 (known as the baby B3) ... that's of course, if you live in Canada :wink:


What the wife says about it :wink:

    I'm offering my husband's organ for sale. When he was younger, he couldn't keep his hands off it, but now is sits there gathering dust. Perhaps you could find a place for it in your home. When it was new, (back in the late 1950's), it was worth $1,200. In todays dollars that would come to $9,696, but I'm willing to let it go for $399 (or best offer). It is in working condition. You can turn it on by placing your fingers on a special place under the keyboard and pressing gently.
    We've had fun with it over the years, but it's time for someone else to play with it. It comes with a bench full of organ music books and an instruction manual.

    Here is some background info I copied from the net:
    The M3 was introduced in 1949 and was the first of its kind in the world. Sales of the ‘Cinderella’, as it was then called, exceeded all expectations, out selling the popular concert and church models. Even six years after its introduction, spinet customers were happy to make a 50% down payment on this "Baby B" with no promise of a delivery date!
    This is a used Hammond M-3 tonewheel organ. It works perfectly and has a big, powerful sound. Anyone familiar with all genres of music for the last 60 years or so knows that Hammond tonewheel organs are a part of every type of music. It has a rich sound that is often imitated and never duplicated. This one also benefits from built-in speakers and amp, making it less bulky to keep around. It has shorter manuals than the famous B-3, but the drawbar functions and keyboard feel are here. The action of this keyboard is still good as well.

    This item is available for local pickup in Oakville, ON.

    Though it is only about the size of a spinet piano, it weighs 250 pounds and would require a truck/van/SUV and a couple of strong men to handle it.

I would love get my hands on this beauty :wink: :wink:

A great sound ... Booker T used an M3 just with internal speaker to record the tracks on 'Green Onions' album :D

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Re: Get Your Hands On My Husband's Organ!

Postby Wally Gator » 17 Nov 2012 17:20

The title got me too. :lol:
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Re: Get Your Hands On My Husband's Organ!

Postby Jon D » 18 Dec 2012 16:31

Hi there Mike,
Great little organ with a big sound it's one of those organs you have to play it takes no prisoners it has no styles and no sustain built in it sorts the men out from the boys thank you for that posting cheers my friend brings back memories. :D :D :D
Jon D. 8) 8) 8)
Hi there I have played from the age of 13 and all my music is played in a sort of dance tempo style. Have worked in nearly all the North East clubs over the years. That gave me a good grounding. Cheers.
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