Turbon ... Joh Mustad AB 1966

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Turbon ... Joh Mustad AB 1966

Postby Mike Bracchi » 18 Dec 2012 22:00


One of the rarest electric keyboards out there, the Tubon was manufactured in 1966 by Joh Mustad AB, in Gothenburg, Sweden. Only a small number were produced; fewer still survive.

Imagine a small, strap-on combo organ. The Tubon's sounds are straight out of Sixties organ-driven pop: contrabass, saxophone, electric bass, woodwind.

A strong vibrato and adjacent volume control give on-board sound shaping options. Two nine-volt batteries, housed at one end of the tube, provide power.

At the other end is a compartment where the strap can be stored.


Paul McCartney had a Tubon, though it probably was not used on record. Kraftwerk did use one, along with countless Swedish and Finnish bands.

The Band pictured with the Turbon are The Moonraiders.

Here is a dodgy video clip of someone trying to make music with the Turbon :lol: not very tunefully I'm afraid :wink:


    The Tubon - It was made in 1966 by Joh Mustad AB of Sweden. It was one of the first synthesizer, electronic bass organ type instruments of its kind.

    It is a very strange looking instrument its long and tube shaped with a keyboard and buttons and knobs on the other end. It measures about 32" long and is about 5" around and comes in its original case and has its original strap.

    It ran off three batteries and has a place to plug it into a amp or speaker.
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Re: Turbon ... Joh Mustad AB 1966

Postby Jon D » 10 Jan 2013 11:51

Hi there Mike that was a hell of a machine it would be mustard to play one have never seen one and don't think I will this will be the only time this must be a first any where on the web cheers pal thank you for that give your self a pat on the back for that information. :D :D :D :D
Jon D. 8) 8) 8)
Hi there I have played from the age of 13 and all my music is played in a sort of dance tempo style. Have worked in nearly all the North East clubs over the years. That gave me a good grounding. Cheers.
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Re: Turbon ... Joh Mustad AB 1966

Postby Rev Tony Newnham » 11 Jan 2013 10:13


What a fascinating beast. Not one I'd heard of before - but looks like great fun.

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