A-One Electron GX.2

At almost any single period during the years 1970-1985 there were over 45 brands of new electronic organs on the UK market: Between them they managed to produce, 183 models under £1000, 137 models between £1000 & £2000 and 201 models over £2000+

A-One Electron GX.2

Postby Mike Bracchi » 26 Oct 2012 14:11

A-One Electron GX.2 is extremely rare analog mini-organ it was top of the line from A-One Electron organ family and considered more than just a 'toy keyboard'

Made in Japan 1970s, it's very hard to find a working example (even in Japan) nowadays ... looks super cool! Definitely collectors item! :D

A-One Electron GX.2 is a monophonic mini organ featuring cute analog rhythm-section.


Illustration thanks to Eric @ http://www.miniorgan.com
For further information on many more early mini-keyboards visit: http://www.miniorgan.com
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