Hammond Suzuki Corporation

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Hammond Suzuki Corporation

Postby Mike Bracchi » 09 May 2012 10:56

In 1991, Japan's Suzuki Corporation, manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality musical instruments, purchased Hammond Organ. Mr. Manji Suzuki, President and Chairman of the Board of Suzuki Corporation, always enjoyed listening to the fabulous sounds created by the Hammond organs. When Mr. Suzuki first learned that Hammond Organ was for sale, he immediately took all the necessary steps to purchase the company.


Hammond Suzuki USA, Inc. initially began operations as the distributor of Hammond organs and Leslie speakers in the U.S. From these modest beginnings, Hammond Suzuki soon diversified its operations by adding manufacturing capabilities. Located in Addison, Illinois, Hammond Suzuki USA, together with its extensive manufacturing facilities in Hamamatsu, Japan, continues to proudly build some of the finest musical instruments in the world. Hammond Suzuki USA's operations, headquarters in suburban Chicago, include manufacturing and warehousing of the world-famous Hammond organs and Leslie speakers. Its extensive facilities provide its strong, dedicated management and marketing team accommodations for distribution, technical support, and state-of-the-art product design capabilities.

It is our company's mission to produce the most innovative, best-sounding musical instruments at the lowest price possible. Today we are just as committed to building the best organ and Leslie products as we were the first day our company was founded. Even more, we are committed to preserving the sound of Hammond organs and Leslie speakers for generations to come.

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Postby Jon D » 21 Jul 2012 20:24

Hi there Mike ,

That hammond 44 is interresting there is some good stuff on it looks like you need a lot of whind still good enjoyed looking at it cheers pal. :D :D :D

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