Hammond Through The Years

At almost any single period during the years 1970-1985 there were over 45 brands of new electronic organs on the UK market: Between them they managed to produce, 183 models under £1000, 137 models between £1000 & £2000 and 201 models over £2000+

Hammond Through The Years

Postby Mike Bracchi » 08 May 2012 15:24

Hammond Through The Years ....

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Re: Hammond Through The Years

Postby Jon D » 19 Oct 2012 14:47

Hi there Mike again thank you for this post I am enjoying looking at them all cheers pal. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Jon D. 8) 8) 8)
Hi there I have played from the age of 13 and all my music is played in a sort of dance tempo style. Have worked in nearly all the North East clubs over the years. That gave me a good grounding. Cheers.
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Re: Hammond Through The Years

Postby andyg » 26 Oct 2012 20:28

Nice video. Good try, but they still missed a few! The K and the G variants of the ABC series, the G100, the Monarch, Super B, CX1, CX2000 and 3000.

Does anyone know what a BVC is? BC, yes, BV, yes, but BVC?

And it's just a wee bit naughty to say that the Hammond Organ Company started in 1928, when Hammond didn't even invent the tonewheel until 1933, with the first production organs bearing the plate of the Hammond Electric Clock Company! :wink:
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