Free Packs for SX900

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Free Packs for SX900

Postby Eileen » 17 Aug 2019 12:42

Hi Folks,
The new SX900 will come with four packs already loaded onto memory. As we all know if you then want to load any other packs from YEM it will format the memory so you would lose these packs. Yamaha have put these packs onto the site so that you can download them ready for when you get the new keyboard. Therefore you will be able to load these back in with any others you may want to use. The SX900 has 1Gb of memory in it.


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Re: Free Packs for SX900

Postby Hugh-AR » 17 Aug 2019 18:07

Thanks for keeping us abreast of what is going on, Eileen. Must admit, this new PSR SX900 looks a very interesting keyboard.

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